Author: Julie

Easy Apple Galette Recipe (gluten-free)

I have been making this galette for over ten years. I found the recipe in Jacques Pepin’s Table and have adapted it to suit my not-very-sugary tooth. I made the pictured tart using apples from the tree I planted eight years ago in memory of my mom, Sarah. This is probably my favorite recipe of all time. And I am pretty sure my family would say it was their favorite, too. A galette: French term, it means a round and flat cake with a crusty base. Known also as tart. Do you think working with dough or pastry is...

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Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies have been scientifically proven to cure winter blues and PMS. Okay that’s a lie.  But they sure as hell bring a smile to MY face! I’m sure they will you too. In the recipe, I suggest dropping the cookies by the heaping tablespoon full. When I go cookies, I go big. I’m sure you could reduce the size and in turn the the cooking time. But really people……….. why would you want to? I made these last evening while we were stuck in the house due to the latest snowstorm, and there’s just something so PERFECT about...

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How to manage oily skin

How to manage oily skin Skin care for people who have oily skin can be a tricky prospect. Many commercial moisturizers, even ones that marketed as non-comedogenic, can clog pores and cause acne. Many others have oils that can make the skin excessively oily and shiny. What occurs in most people’s skin care regimen is that the products people use are not strong enough to treat oiliness very well. Or the products are too strong and strip away needed oils. It makes the skin compensate by producing even more oils than normal. Therefore, people with oily skin usually end up trying...

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