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FitnessFriday {Treadmill HIIT Workout}

FitnessFriday {Treadmill HIIT Workout}

So it occurred to me yesterday that I have exactly TWO MONTHS until the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run. I haven’t run for distance since September. And it’s been even longer since I bought myself a new pair of running shoes.

I’ve always run in Nikes in the past, but I thought I would give Brooks a try this go round. I just ordered these puppies this morning!

Brooks Adrenaline 2017

Brooks Adrenaline 2017

I’m looking forward to taking these puppies on a test drive in the very near future! And of course I’ll share my thoughts with you. I need to get my butt in gear, and a new pair of kicks always makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. 🙂

Before I get to our Fitness Friday workout, a little side bar. I planned on doing a “gym survival” post in the near future, but I needed to deliver this PSA sooner rather than later. 🙂 (It’s actually more of a funny anecdote than a PSA). Ladies— we ALL think we can sing. And I think it’s awesome when we’re “in the zone”. But please………. PLEASE refrain from BELTING OUT the song playing in your headphones while others are trying to lift. 🙂

I was doing seated bar bell presses this morning.


And I too wear headphones to lift. There was a girl beside me working out who decided she was going to belt out her song so loud I heard it OVER the song I was listening to! Scared the shit out of me and I couldn’t concentrate because I just wanted to giggle. I ended up cutting my set short just to get away. #ittakesallkinds

Moving on!


A reader recently e-mailed me to ask what I do for my HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I always do my cardio AFTER lifting, and I normally switch it up and do either the bike, the elliptical, or the treadmill. I thought I’d share with you the treadmill workout I did this morning:

  • Walking – 5 minute warm Up
  • Increase speed – 2 minutes comfortable jog (I did a 10:30 pace)
  • Increase speed – 30 second sprints (I did an 8:00 pace)
  • hop off the belt for 30 seconds
  • hop back on and repeat 7x’s
  • Decrease speed – 2 minutes comfortable jog
  • 3 minute cool down

What are your plans for the weekend?

Do you have any gym “pet peeves” if so, what are they?

What would you do if someone was belting out a song like Julia Roberts in that scene from Pretty Woman in the middle of the gym?

Getting Your Tween to Eat Breakfast

Getting Your Tween to Eat Breakfast

We all know the importance of eating breakfast. That has been drilled in to us pretty heavily by now. However, I also know that I, for one, can very easily fall back in to my non-breakfast eating ways if I’m not careful.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m huge—HUGE on leading by example. Especially when it comes to my daughter. Unfortunately, even the best of intentions, and the constant leading by example can be challenged as your kids get older and develop more of their own ‘voice’.

Gone are the days of mickey mouse pancakes. I miss the days of Ants on a Log being Ants on a Log.

Now it’s just celery and PB with raisins. 🙁 Back in the good old days, Mickey Mouse and Ants on a Log would get the child excited about breakfast, now there’s no fooling the child who is almost 11 going on 20.

When she tells me she’s not hungry in the morning, I can’t argue it. I’m not hungry either! And nagging about breakfast being the most important meal of the day—well, that’s something she’s heard before. She could probably recite my breakfast “stump speech” for me these days.

I remember when I was younger. My mom would bring breakfast to my bed room – protein shakes, eggs, etc. I was so annoyed by that because I didn’t want to eat anything. This was middle school. When I went back home for high school (after boarding school), I always looked forward to my mom waking up in the AM and making me breakfast – and I could ALWAYS rely on her!! Every morning, my little “french toast” creation – She is the best person ever, and I love her. She helped me so much. – This sounds weird, but it’s because I was going through the transition to gluten, dairy, wheat, sugar, nut & fruit free — that was tough!

So how do I manage to get the child to eat breakfast in the mornings? Here’s some tips that have worked for me:

Consider it Morning Family Time – I’ve found this to be not only beneficial from an eating breakfast standpoint, but from a family standpoint as well. Waking Kelly up just a few minutes earlier to have her come, sit down, chat, and get a game plan together for the day has really allowed us some quality time before the day gets going and craziness takes over. And it has become second nature that while we have coffee and eggs, she slurps up some applesauce, or eats a banana and drinks some milk.

Tweens Still Like “Fun” Breakfasts, Just More of the “Big Kid” Variety – Kelly likes to feel all mature, and yuppy like. 😉 So I’ve found that sipping on a smoothie or perhaps yogurt parfaits are more her style these days.

Have Their Favorite Breakfast Foods Always on Hand – This is where compromise needs to take place at times for me. While I prefer a breakfast of oats & eggs, Kelly would prefer to have Frosted Mini Wheat’s, or Go-Go Squeeze, or Fiber One bars.  While I’m not a huge fan of these options, it sure as heck beats not eating anything at all. Plus, they are good ‘on the go’ for the days I can’t get her out of bed early.

Parents – Do you have trouble getting your tweens to have breakfast? What’s worked for you?

Pigging Out & What to Do About the Aftermath

Pigging Out & What to Do About the Aftermath

I’m not going to lie. I ate lots of crap and drank lots of beer this past weekend. And I don’t regret a single minute of any of it.

Even as I sit here with a stomach bloated like I’m 5 months preggo—I don’t regret it. I had FUN. In the past I would sit here and beat myself up. And truth be told—I would weigh myself incessantly, convinced that this feeling of general “fatness” was permanent and won’t go away.

Fast forward to the here and now when I’m older and wiser—and I can tell you that it will indeed pass. (no pun intended) That’s not to say that I don’t sometimes have to quiet the freak-out voices in my head. I do need to remind myself that this feeling is temporary.

So what do I do differently after a weekend of cheese fries and dark beer? Nothing.

You saw that right. Nothing.

I hope I don’t disappoint you by saying no, I don’t go on some sort of week long detox where I live on green juice. Or that I slug down apple cider vinegar like a boss.

What I *DO* ?

  1. Resume Regularly Scheduled Programming – Get right back to your regular regiment. Eat clean, exercise, etc. Pick up right where you left off.
  2. Increase Water Intake & Add Some Lemon Juice – I’m the biggest offender of not drinking enough water. But after a weekend of salt-laden treats, I almost *long* for it. Adding lemon juice to the water does several things—for me, it helps me drink more water. I’m not a fan of plain water, so having a little bit of “tang” to it helps keep me interested. But, on the more technical/healthy side of things—lemons/lemon juice are great for relieving digestive issues (i.e. bloat & constipation).
  3. Set. The Beer. DOWN – I’m not going to lie. I like beer. And wine. But the adverse affects aren’t worth it. Limiting your alcohol intake is key. So after coming back from vacation, I normally give myself at least two weeks of no wine. No beer.
  4. Reduce Sodium & Increase Fiber by Eating Milder Foods – This goes hand in hand with resuming your regular diet. If you normally eat well, then by getting back to normal, you’re automatically increasing your consumption of “the good stuff” and reducing your consumption of the “bad”. Not rocket science, right?! I like my salads. I normally eat very bland. My idea of going “wild & crazy” with my salads involves the following: no dressing, maybe adding some slivered almonds, and some plain broiled chicken seasoned with Mrs. Dash. Parrrrtttayyyyy!
  5. Magnesium Supplement – I need to thank Coach Julie for this little tip. When she was working with me, I mentioned how awful my “time of the month” can be. She suggested I take a magnesium supplement to help with the bloat, and I can’t tell you how much of a difference this has made for me!

So there you have it. Nothing wild & crazy. No living off twigs & berries. And for the most part its all common sense. As long as we don’t head in to full on freak out mode (stress bloat is REAL people!). What’s listed above should help you start to feel a sense of relief within a matter of a few days.

What’s the craziest hangover/detox/cleanse concoction you’ve heard of or actually consumed?

Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

Does Living Fit Make It Harder to Accept a Medical Issue?

I’ve been thinking about this over the past few days. And after having my follow up appointment to my surgery on Wednesday, I felt compelled to sit and write my thoughts on the matter.

We’ve all heard it said that doctor’s make the worst patients. I’m going to add “fitness enthusiasts” to that list also.

In running the appointment and the conversation with my doctor through my head, I kept coming back to the fact that all throughout our appointment, I kept mentioning, “I take good care of myself” or “I always try to live a healthy life”.

Okay Julie, she gets it.

And the reality is that what happened to me has nothing to do with how healthy my lifestyle is or isn’t. There’s no rhyme or reason to ectopic pregnancies. It’s just that shit happens.

Perhaps I got a little too cocky because of the fact that I AM healthy as an ox. I ended up sharing a tad too quickly with folks that we were expecting. And now we’re having to back peddle and let them know we’re not. We won’t make that mistake again.

In processing the loss, initially I couldn’t understand *why*. Why did this happen to us? What did I do wrong? How could this be happening? What do you mean it can’t be fixed? I felt like I had failed. My body had failed ME. And in turn, I failed the baby, and Alfie. As someone who is so driven, strong, and completely bullheaded, experiencing failure was NOT in my vocabulary.

Couldn’t I just accept the fact that sometimes these things don’t work out? If statistics show that 64,000 people every single year end up having ectopic pregnancies, obviously we’re not alone! And just the outpouring of emails from my readers shows it hits very close to home, ALOT.

The reality is that no matter how fit you are, how “clean” you eat, how much you run or lift-

You’re not invincible.

Not even a little. That was a hard pill to swallow, friends!! (at least for me it was)

But I WILL say that being healthy most likely quickened my recovery time. It really didn’t slow me down very much (only a few days), and for that I’m thankful. I’ve also walked away with a new found appreciation of the body and what it’s capable of doing, as well as it’s capability to adapt.

Only time will tell if mine has bounced back from a reproductive standpoint, but I do know that from a fitness standpoint I’m my old self again.

What about you, do you find it hard to accept an illness, injury or medical issue?

Fitness Friday: Or Lack Thereof

Fitness Friday: Or Lack Thereof

Hey Friends!

First and foremost, I need to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your outreach after my last post about our Angel Baby. The comments, emails, and messages on Facebook warmed my heart! It comforted me to know that I’m not alone in this experience AND all of the stories about this happening to other women, but then they go on to have several babies afterwards truly lifted my spirits! I’m looking forward to Alfie and I getting to try again soon!

This week’s workouts have been virtually non-existent. After Monday’s surgery, I was told I’m not to lift anything over 2-5 pounds for 2 weeks. (Yeah right!!! My PURSE weighs more than that) However, I haven’t been trying to go be all Hercules either. The most lifting/workout I’ve been getting has been lifting and moving boxes. Each evening this week I’ve been packing the car full of all of our “stuff”, and getting it to the new house. We’re still living in an unfinished project in the sense that we don’t have our closet organizers in yet to hang clothes, and I’m still trying to find places for everything in our kitchen, etc. etc.

My stomach isn’t sore anymore at the 3 places where they did incisions (2 off to the side of my abdomen, and one in my belly button where they removed the fallopian tube), so I’m going to lace up my running shoes for some jogs this weekend! I’m going to love jogging in a new environment!

I’m hoping to move some of Alfie’s gym equipment in to the basement of the house in the very near future so that I can just lift at home, but until then I’ll use resistance bands, and hit the gym I belong to on the way home from work in the evenings.

Over the weekend I need to deep clean our townhouse, and paint the bedrooms so they’re ready for our tenants to move in June 1st. After that, we should start to get back on a schedule and in to the swing of things!

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Fitbloggin next month, you’ll actually have the privilege of meeting Adam personally! He’ll be discussing podcasting strategies at the conference.

Have a great weekend loves!!

The Angel Baby

I don’t know if there’s any way to describe the way the past week unfolded. I’ve been quiet on here for several reasons, mostly because we’ve just been extremely busy with the house.

I should back up a bit……..

Remember our trip to DC in April? It was at that point that we decided we’d like to start trying for a baby. With me being 35, and Alfie being 38, we figured it may take a while for us to get pregnant anyway, so we might as well start giving it a shot.

As it turns out, we were successful on the first try! We were SO extremely happy! And shocked at the same time. And immediately we started making plans on how we were going to tell Kelly, and also how we would announce it to our families. We intended on telling Kelly on Mother’s Day, and then making an announcement to our families at the wedding.

 Wasn’t meant to be………….

Unfortunately, that wasn’t meant to be. We have now joined the ranks of the 64,000 people every year who have their pregnancies turn out to be ectopic.

On Mother’s day, we were working at the house getting ready to move in the following day. At one point during the day I started having severe back pain, and had started spotting. I knew something was wrong, and the outlook already wasn’t good because the doctor had stated that my HCG levels weren’t as high as they should be.

At this point, I figured I was having a miscarriage. I was saddened that such an event would be taking place on Mother’s Day of all days, but I was also thankful that we have Kelly to celebrate on a special day.

I wasn’t in severe pain, and I knew there was nothing a doctor would be able to do at that point, so I took it easy the rest of the evening, tried to process what was happening, and figured I’d just tell the doctor what happened when I headed to my already scheduled prenatal appointment the next day.

 We make plans, God laughs………..

The plan for Monday was that I would go to work in the morning, head to my appointment in the late afternoon, and then we would move that evening. As it turns out, I ended up being admitted to the hospital Monday evening instead.

At my doctor’s appointment when they did the ultrasound, it was discovered that our little bubby was actually in fallopian tube, and the doctor was in fear that the back pain and bleeding was because I was at risk for my tube to rupture. I was told to get myself to the hospital immediately.

At this point my mind was racing. I called Alfie, told him the situation, made sure someone could pick me up after surgery (I thought I was going to get to come home the same day), and I insisted that he just go about our plans of moving, there was nothing he was going to be able to do by just sitting in the hospital with me!

Calling Mom……….

The next phone call I made was to my mom. Talk about a crazy conversation. Up until this point, she didn’t even know we were pregnant. So to have to call her, tell her we were pregnant, and then tell her in the same breath that we were losing our baby, it was quite the roller coaster of emotions.

She immediately jumped in her car and headed to the hospital.

I tried to insist that she didn’t do that, but she wouldn’t listen, and for that I’m thankful. Because as it turns out I ended up having to stay over night in the hospital, and I would have been sitting there alone all evening. It was nice having her there as a distraction.

 Surgery awaits…………

My surgery didn’t take place until around 2am! My doctor was busy delivering a baby and wasn’t able to get to me until that time. But I must say, she was wonderful at checking on me and explaining to me what was about to happen.

The only other time I’ve ever had surgery was for my wisdom teeth back when I was 18 years old. I’d never been in an operating room, so to say I was scared is an understatement.

Alfie and I had met with an attorney last week regarding wills, but haven’t had a chance to draw them up, so I made sure I made a makeshift will and put it in my purse on the off chance that something happened to me. Since we weren’t officially married yet, my estate would go to Kelly, but be in the control of her guardians, and I wanted to make sure it was in Alfie’s control. (The importance of having a will people!!)

Anyway, I remember slowly falling asleep, looking up at the bright lights of the operating room. And I remember praying to God as I drifted off, and making sure that He made sure Kelly knew I loved her.

 Just like that………….

And just like that, it was done. We had gained ourselves an Angel Baby, and lost a fallopian tube in the process.

The surgery took about 2 hours, and when I came to the doctor was there to tell me that everything went fine.

She checked my other fallopian tube to make sure it wasn’t blocked, and she showed me pictures of the tube she had to remove with our baby in it. She told me we shouldn’t have trouble trying to conceive after this because actually, your fallopian tubes can take eggs from either ovary. In fact, in this instance it was my left ovary that ovulated, and it was my right tube that picked it up.

This was good to hear! But if I’m being honest, I’m still worried about being able to conceive. And then when we DO conceive again, I’ll be worried about it being ectopic again, and now I’m down to only having one tube left!

But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

 Try, Try Again………..

The doctor told us we need to wait 1-2 months before we start to try again. You better believe we’ll start trying immediately!!

But I’m really worried that we won’t be able to conceive as quickly this time around. And my ability to be patient is almost impossible when it comes to even the smallest thing, so I imagine needing to be patient regarding having a baby is going to quite near impossible!

I would love it, if any of you out there would happen to know of someone, or you yourself have become pregnant after having an ectopic pregnancy and losing a fallopian tube—if you would share your story with me!

Thanks for listening friends! Despite the beginning of the week not going so well, the positive at the end of the week was being married to my best friend. I’ll be back later in the week to share a recap of our special day.

In the meantime, I hope to hear from lots of you on some positive success stories!!



Fitness Friday {Inspection Day and a Back & Bicep Workout}

Fitness Friday {Inspection Day and a Back & Bicep Workout}

Hey friends!

Today is the big day. At 2:00 the code enforcer will be coming to inspect our house and tell us whether or not we’re approved for our occupancy permit. If we get the green light, we’ve decided our moving day is Monday!

Currently the townhouse is a big ‘ol mess of boxes & books everywhere, so I’ll be so glad to finally get in some sort of organization mode!

This week’s workouts were again, sporadic in nature. But I’ve been sort of liking not having a plan. I’ve been heading in to the gym and just winging it. With everything going on, it feels good to just go in there and not have to think. I have a general idea of the body part splits I want to do, and I’ve been just playing it by ear and going with the flow.

This morning I had an awesome back & bicep workout and I thought I’d share it with you because, well, it felt good—AND—I feel like it’s been forever since I shared a workout with you!!

Back & Biceps

If you try it, let me know what you think!! And what’s on your agenda this weekend??

Back and biceps workout

Back and biceps workout

Flowers and Mailboxes

Flowers and Mailboxes

Hi Friends!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We have been trucking right along on the home front. Things are starting to move very quickly. It’s exciting but hectic at the same time. Thursday our carpet gets installed and Friday our furniture gets delivered. I have to call this morning, but I’m pretty sure our final inspection will take place on Friday. Then we’ll have the green light to move in!!

This weekend started off with a soccer game Saturday morning. Kelly’s team won 4-1. The weather was perfect for the game!

After the game Kelly and I decided to tackle the huge task of sifting through all the “stuff” she’s accumulated in her room in the 5 years we’ve lived there. I told her to make 3 piles – “Keep”, “Trash”, and “Donate”.

She did a GREAT job of keeping things in perspective! I left this task all to her so she feels some sort of involvement in the move, and I truly expected to walk in to ALL THE THINGS being in the “Keep” pile, but she really did have a great mix of all. #proudmama

Once she was done going through the items in her room, I thought it would be fun to bust out the keepsakes I’ve been saving of hers from the time she was a little teeny girl, through pre-school and kindergarten and up until today.

We had such a laugh at some of her early writings! “I like to play socr. Socr is fun. I relly like socr.” 🙂

While we were busy going down memory lane, the door bell rang, and we were pleasantly surprised.

Alfie and his crew re-roofed a development about two years ago. And when they take on these larger projects, we really do get to know our points of contact very well. To the point that many times we stay in touch with them years after the fact! These flowers came from the president of the home owners association of that development. This was such a sweet gesture! I was so pleasantly surprised.

The rest of Saturday was spent spending quality time with Kelly doing odds and ends things. I try to soak her up as much as possible on the weekends! And especially before she leaves Sunday mornings to go to church with her Nana and then to her dad’s.

Sunday morning we hung around the house, and I made our usual big breakfast before Kelly leaves for church.

After Kelly left, Alfie and I headed to the house to do some work on our trees for the spring. The entire day was spent spreading compost around our Leland Cypress trees. Then on our pear trees that line the driveway. And our weeping cherry tree that sits right in front of the house.

Funny story about this weeping cherry tree………… Alfie started working on building this house about 9 months after we started dating. I would come over and help him with it. We pulled down trees together, put stakes in the ground to determine where the house would sit, etc. etc. All the while, I didn’t really know if I would be there with him in this house, but I knew that I enjoyed spending time with him, and if this project was important to him, then I wanted to support him in it as much as I could.

People told me I was crazy. People told me he was using me for “free labor”. (People are ignorant, right?! lol )

Anyway, it came up at some point how much I absolutely LOVE weeping cherry trees! In fact, the weeping cherry tree in my former mother-in-law’s yard is beautiful and my absolute favorite. Well one day, Alfie asked to drive by and see this cherry tree. And so we did. (We have a great relationship with Bonnie! In fact, she’ll be at our wedding!)

And then many months later, I came out to the lot to help Alfie for the day, and what do I see?????? But THIS beautiful weeping cherry tree planted RIGHT smack dab in the front of the house just as you would walk on to the sidewalk.

I knew this was no coincidence. 🙂 And I knew from that point he was telling me that Kelly and I belonged there with him.

ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (that’s making me teary eyed!!!) <——–hormonal alert!

Back to our Sunday. Our final project of the day was getting our mailbox in place! Alfie’s worker, John, came over to help us. Obviously Alfie didn’t want ME to be the one holding a 4×4 post while he banged it in to the ground with a back hoe.

I know we’re being ridiculously cheese by documenting all these milestones, but I can’t help it. 🙂 The next big project will be getting our yard put in within the next few weeks!!

So that’s it! Our weekend in the nutshell.

Tell me what was the best part of your weekend?

Fitness Friday {Run Julie! Run!!!}

Fitness Friday {Run Julie! Run!!!}

Hey !

I started the day off with one heck of a yummy 3J’s omelet and chai tea this morning!

With the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run only couple of days away, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m feeling a tad bit unprepared/nervous. (I’m also a tad bit bummed that we’re going to miss seeing the cherry blossoms AGAIN this year. Some day the timing will be right, I’m sure of it. Just not this year)

The House

We are probably about a month and a half from getting our occupancy permit at the house. We’ve been hitting milestones on it left and right. I’ve been back and forth to the house, and we’ve been back and forth to Lancaster several times the past two weeks, and fitting in runs has been a challenge. Especially with the weather still being so crappy (no excuse, I know).

Another milestone was finally putting in some of our appliances! We’ve had these appliance for ages, and it was so nice to actually see something as silly as the fridge being in it’s proper place to really get the energy going in our house. These small victories are exactly what we need to keep this locomotive in motion!

The journey has been a long one, and it’s not close to being over—even once we move there will be plenty of work that still needs to be done, but it feels good to know we’re almost at a point where we can actually live there.

Our final milestone of the weekend was buying our very first piece of furniture for the house. We went to look at this couch 3 different times. We measured every inch of the thing, as well as the space it’s going in, and since Alfie’s mom knows her furniture, and can tell if things are made well, are a good brand, are a reasonable price, etc. We asked her to come with us to look at it before we actually “took the plunge”. Needless to say, she loved it, Kenzer thought it was “so cool”, and so we said “YES!”, and this couch is officially ours:

I was so amped up about not squeezing in some longer runs, that I literally too half a vacation day from work this week in order to get a 6 miler on the books.

Of it decided to be cold as hell and snowing on the day of my run. But I actually really enjoyed the scenery!


I’m sometimes hesitant about posting my times/splits for my runs. If I’m being honest, I fall into the comparison trap when reading other HLB’s and I see these girls talking about how they ran “OMG soo slow” and they had a sub-9 minute pace. Uhhhh……….. yeah………

BUT—I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not a fast runner. I won’t BE a fast runner. But I WILL be relatable. And that is more important to me.

Plus, I’m just glad I get out there. And that I have the ability to get out there.

I started out this run feeling completely crappy and just not “in to it”, but by the end—I felt freaking AWESOME! And like I’d accomplished something.

I knew I wanted to take it easy. I don’t want to injure myself trying to up my mileage too quickly by “playing catch up”. But at mile 3 & 4—my ass was DRAGGING. And I know its from taking time off, and not getting the miles in that I should be.

Mile 5 was awesome. Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard came on, and I just cranked it out! And I totally air drummed along with the song the entire time.

I’m hoping to sneak in a 8 mile run between rain showers on Sunday. But we’ll have to play it by ear. I can’t say that I expect to PR at this year’s run, but I’ll probably be close to what my time was the past two years.

In 2015, I finished in 1:42:50 with a pace of 10:17. In 2016, I finished in 1:41:19 with a pace of 10:07. 

2017…………. to be continued.

BUT for now—I’m going to focus on a weekend with the best daughter in the world—we get our hair did tomorrow morning, and her fitting for her junior bridesmaid dress in the afternoon.

I LOOOOVEEEEEE me some Russell Crowe! (even though he had an affair with Meg Ryan back in 2000)

Eating plan

As for this week’s dinners—My April/May edition of Clean Eating Magazine came on Thursday, and I am LOVING the recipes! I’ve decided to make three of them this week:

Monday – Lemon Terragon Chicken Fricassee (from Clean Eating)

Tuesday – Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Bell Peppers

Wednesday – Peanut Chicken & Soba Noodles (from Clean Eating)

Thursday – Chicken Picatta w/ Lemon Butter & Garlic Sauteed Broccoli (from Clean Eating)

Friday – Wing it (leftovers maybe?)

But enough about me—what’s on YOUR agenda for the weekend?!

What I’m Loving Wednesday

What I’m Loving Wednesday

It occurred to me this morning as I was leaving the gym, that perhaps we don’t always realize how bad we have the winter blues until spring starts to arrive. I left the gym this morning feeling more relaxed and refreshed than I have in quite a while.

The past 3 days, we’ve had temperatures in the high 50’s, and we’re expecting rain this afternoon. I’m actually tad bit excited for some pre-spring showers.

I think even my daughter has been suffering from some winter blues. She’s also been struggling a bit with tension and we’re trying to work through it, but Monday evening, while walking Rango, I realized just how much she is disliking this winter also. The sun was still shining, it was warm, birds were singing, and she kept repeating to me just how happy she was to be basking in the sun in that moment. She practically begged me to let her take her shoes off and walk barefoot for the remainder of our walk. Seeing how happy she was for spring-like weather, I couldn’t say no.

One of the plusses of the warmer weather is being able to run outside. Which means I’ve been able to get in and out of the gym quicker in the mornings. I’ll lift in the morning and then run in the evening. *sigh* it’s glorious.

Even though spring is on its way, I’m still about pumpkin, and my Pumpkin Protein Waffles in the mornings! I’ve been adding a tablespoon of chia seeds to the mix, and I like how it thickens the mix a tad bit.

I’m also loving the fact that soccer season is on it’s way! This will be Kenzer’s last year playing in this rec league. Next year we’ll be playing in the league near our new house. I’m hoping this last season is a great one for her!

Spring’s arrival is bittersweet from the standpoint that now the phone has started to ring with folks wanting to get on the calendar for new roofs as part of their spring cleaning/home improvement projects. We’re within two months of moving into our new house, and it’s going to be hard to delay clients. You need to make hay while the sun’s shining!

Speaking of the house, within 24 hours, we’ll have kitchen counter tops. This project will soon come to a close, and it can’t come soon enough.

Your turn- what do you love about spring?