I mentioned the other week that I recently recorded a podcast for Lifestyle Accountability show.

One of the questions he asked really stuck with me. (I’m paraphrasing) – “How do I decipher all the noise in the health & wellness industry?” Oh how I loved that question. I could have ranted the entire show just on that one question!

The thing is……….. I don’t really know if I’m successful at weeding out the bullshit. There’s so much of it at any one given time! And it comes in droves (especially as we get closer to summer! i.e. “bikini season”). And everyone thinks they’re right. Everything is the latest and greatest, and if you’re not on board you’re missing out.

18 years in the industry

Folks—if this frustrates me, I can’t imagine how it frustrates those who are just beginning their wellness journey. In the 18 years I’ve been lifting, I’ve watched fitness & diet crazes come and go. Atkins diet, Southbeach Diet, Zone Diet………… Step Aerobics, Thigh Master, Tae Bo……………..

Now I’m watching things like Paleo, Gluten-Free, Shaklee, Yoli, P90X, Crossfit, Pilates and Insanity run their course.

Even something as simple as natural peanut butter…………… When I first started eating natural peanut butter, there was maybe one brand available in supermarkets. And the purpose of natural peanut butter was that the one and only ingredient was PEANUTS!

Fast forward to today.

Just the other day I was shopping and needed to pick up some more PB. There was NO SHORTAGE of “natural” peanut butter on the shelves.  I grabbed a jar of Skippy out of curiosity, turned the jar around, and what to my dismay……..

Sugar, Palm Oil, & Salt…………. “technically” still natural, but NOT the way natural peanut butter was intended to start out. I feel like every fitness or diet trend generally starts out with good intentions, but the waters get muddied the more popular they become.

I’m not going to sit here and claim to have all the answers (clearly I don’t), but I will say that part of my answer during the webcast on how I weed through things is K.I.S.S.

Keep it simple friends. Take any diet or fitness fad/trend, whatever you want to call it, and the pure foundation of each and every one remains the same—eat right, strength train, and cardio vascular activity.

The amounts, intensity, and length of time will vary by the individual. And THAT is what makes it a journey. THAT is what you learn through your own trial and error. There is no quick fix. There is no “one” answer or program that will work right for everyone.

Those are my only words of advice.

  • Keep it Simple
  • Lead By Example for your loved ones
  • Take Baby Steps on your journey

Along the way, you’ll hear me talk about lifting weights. You’ll hear about my attempt at calling myself a runner. 😉 You’ll see foods that I like to eat that are fairly good for you—AND actually taste good! I’m sharing with you what I find enjoyable and what works for me, but as I said we’re all different. I know this journey can be a frustrating one, but stay the course, and keep it simple.

And in the great words of Public Enemy—Don’t Believe the Hype.