Peanut Butter Alternatives: Sunbutter vs. Wowbutter

Peanut butter and jelly—for years I thought I’d never eat this delicious pairing ever again. I try to avoid peanuts as much as possible as they give me an embarrassing rash on my face.

Fortunately, I’ve learned about plenty of peanut butter alternatives. I’ve reviewed (and totally pigged out on) two of the most popular alternatives: Sunbutter, made from sunflower seeds, and Wowbutter, made from soy.

What’s great about both of these brands is that they are made in a 100% peanut-free, gluten-free, egg-free, tree-nut-free, and dairy-free facility. Whew, that covers a lot of allergens. These alternatives sure do look like peanut butter, but do they actually taste like peanut butter?

Let’s start with SUNBUTTER.

I’ve been eating a local sunflower butter brand for a while, so this was my first time trying Sunbutter. I opted for the Original variety. (Original is known as Creamy in the US.)

I had to be a bit careful when peeling off the protective seal from the jar since there is a layer of sunflower seed oil on top. This might seem a bit gross at first, but its completely normal. The sunflower seed oil naturally separates from the solids. To mix it in, I used a long table knife. It took me a good five minutes to mix it up really well. My arms are not in shape, so that was a workout!

When I finally tasted it, I was kind of blown away. It was really good. I had never tasted a sunflower butter with added salt and sugar. Although I try to avoid both of these ingredients, it sure does kick up the taste quite a few notches. Let’s face it—salt and sugar make things taste better.

Sunbutter has a distinct taste of roasted sunflower seeds. So although it doesn’t taste like peanut butter, it definitely reminds me of peanut butter. It’s smooth. It sticks to the roof of my mouth. And it’s delicious. Sunbutter is pretty awesome stuff.


After falling madly in love with Sunbutter, I was skeptical that a product made from toasted soy could actually wow me. With Wowbutter, no stirring is required, so I ripped off the protective seal and dug right in.

I was definitely surprised. Wowbutter tasted good—like really good. It reminded me of peanut butter. It was super smooth and creamy. And it had a thicker consistency than Sunbutter.

The company claims it Tastes Just Like Peanut Butter! I wouldn’t quite agree. It didn’t smell or taste like peanuts to me. I mean, I could tell it wasn’t made of peanuts. It was difficult to identify exactly what it did taste like, but it really just tasted good.

So, which one is a better alternative to peanut butter?

They both taste good in their own way, so I decided to check out if either of them has any significant benefit nutritionally.

Sunbutter and Wowbutter are very comparable nutritionally. The calories, fat, sodium, sugar and even protein content are extremely similar. One gram more of sugar or fat isn’t going to make or break a product for me. Sunbutter, however, is a significant source of the antioxidant vitamin E, which is definitely a benefit.

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