I’m not going to lie. I ate lots of crap and drank lots of beer this past weekend. And I don’t regret a single minute of any of it.

Even as I sit here with a stomach bloated like I’m 5 months preggo—I don’t regret it. I had FUN. In the past I would sit here and beat myself up. And truth be told—I would weigh myself incessantly, convinced that this feeling of general “fatness” was permanent and won’t go away.

Fast forward to the here and now when I’m older and wiser—and I can tell you that it will indeed pass. (no pun intended) That’s not to say that I don’t sometimes have to quiet the freak-out voices in my head. I do need to remind myself that this feeling is temporary.

So what do I do differently after a weekend of cheese fries and dark beer? Nothing.

You saw that right. Nothing.

I hope I don’t disappoint you by saying no, I don’t go on some sort of week long detox where I live on green juice. Or that I slug down apple cider vinegar like a boss.

What I *DO* ?

  1. Resume Regularly Scheduled Programming – Get right back to your regular regiment. Eat clean, exercise, etc. Pick up right where you left off.
  2. Increase Water Intake & Add Some Lemon Juice – I’m the biggest offender of not drinking enough water. But after a weekend of salt-laden treats, I almost *long* for it. Adding lemon juice to the water does several things—for me, it helps me drink more water. I’m not a fan of plain water, so having a little bit of “tang” to it helps keep me interested. But, on the more technical/healthy side of things—lemons/lemon juice are great for relieving digestive issues (i.e. bloat & constipation).
  3. Set. The Beer. DOWN – I’m not going to lie. I like beer. And wine. But the adverse affects aren’t worth it. Limiting your alcohol intake is key. So after coming back from vacation, I normally give myself at least two weeks of no wine. No beer.
  4. Reduce Sodium & Increase Fiber by Eating Milder Foods – This goes hand in hand with resuming your regular diet. If you normally eat well, then by getting back to normal, you’re automatically increasing your consumption of “the good stuff” and reducing your consumption of the “bad”. Not rocket science, right?! I like my salads. I normally eat very bland. My idea of going “wild & crazy” with my salads involves the following: no dressing, maybe adding some slivered almonds, and some plain broiled chicken seasoned with Mrs. Dash. Parrrrtttayyyyy!
  5. Magnesium Supplement – I need to thank Coach Julie for this little tip. When she was working with me, I mentioned how awful my “time of the month” can be. She suggested I take a magnesium supplement to help with the bloat, and I can’t tell you how much of a difference this has made for me!

So there you have it. Nothing wild & crazy. No living off twigs & berries. And for the most part its all common sense. As long as we don’t head in to full on freak out mode (stress bloat is REAL people!). What’s listed above should help you start to feel a sense of relief within a matter of a few days.

What’s the craziest hangover/detox/cleanse concoction you’ve heard of or actually consumed?