So, I am ready to fess up about my foot.

A few weeks ago I decided to start working out with a trainer as a “splurge” for a little while. I figured it would be a good way to challenge myself during workouts that I wasn’t accomplishing on my own.

I had a couple of trial sessions with my trainer to figure out what worked for me. I made her fully aware of last year’s stress fracture and was explicit in explaining I can’t do things on the ball of my foot; I don’t wear heels anymore nor do I do lunges, etc. bc of the strain on the ball of my foot.

My sessions revolved around a lot of pilates, boxing, body-weight and combination moves with some free weights mixed in. All was well and I enjoyed training. That is, until my session 2 weeks ago.

In the last 5 minutes of my session, my trainer decided to do even more ab work than we had already done that session.

She demonstrated a Bear Crawl Plank (the position in the video) and I said, “No way. My foot can’t handle that.” She told me ”come on, you can do it.” And I pushed back again, “No. I really don’t think that’s a good idea with my foot.” And she urged me again. That’s when I got a little cocky and competitive, because I figured it’d be okay for a brief amount of time, and got into the position, all the while praying that my foot wouldn’t give out. Genius, right? I’m still pissed at myself…

No more than 20 seconds into a 45 second hold I got a sharp pain in my foot and switched to a 1-legged regular plank. I.was.pissed.

The only exercise I got the following week was an afternoon walk I took on Monday. I tried to work out that Wednesday and my trainer actually sent me home from the gym. When symptoms didn’t go away I went to see a new foot doctor figuring something was definitely wrong.

When the doctor brought out my x-rays and explained that I had strained apart the bone that I’d fractured in 2 last year, I was so angry and upset. Despite my best efforts I injured myself once again. Of course there were tears and failed negotiations to avoid the boot but he told me his preferred course of treatment and the boot for 2 weeks suddenly didn’t seem so bad.

I’m more than 1 week into my 2 week Boot Sentence and am doing everything I can to let my foot heal quickly. I’ve upped my calcium (and brought back small amounts of dairy into my thyroid diet), I haven’t seen the inside of a gym since I got sent home from it 10 days ago, and am staying off of it (read: staying on my ass) as much as possible. Oh, I’m also diligently taking my pain meds that make me loopy / borderline drunk.

So here’s where I need advice. When people ask what happened and hear the story, their 1st question is, how quickly did you fire your trainer? I actually don’t how to handle the situation. I feel like she should have listened to me when I said no 2 times and perhaps even shouldn’t have suggested that move knowing what my limitations are with my feet. At the end of the day I still did the move and am completely responsible. I should’ve ignored my competitive inclinations and stuck to my guns. My gut told me no and I didn’t listen.

I haven’t resolved anything with her yet because I’m not sure what to do. I know I need to have a serious conversation with her, especially before I stop wearing the boot so she understands the scope of what that little exchange did to me. If I continue working out with her it’s going to be a no-negotiation relationship when I say no. On the flip side, if I start working with a different trainer, I’m not sure I’m ready for the potential awkwardness of seeing my old one around the gym, assuming I get back into a fitness routine somewhat quickly.

So that’s the story.

What would you do – keep the same trainer? Get a new one? Forget it and train yourself?